The Beachwaver: Rotating Curling Iron

Last Saturday, I launched my new curling iron, the Beachwaver, on QVC!! It was so much fun and I can’t wait for you guys to try it out.  Watch it here and get yours today (It comes with my favorite, 2 of the “Darby” Clips..named after our dog and the “Prep-It” comb – all you need for perfect waves)!  After two years of research and development, my sister and I are so proud of the Beachwaver.  Starting with a sketch and finishing with a professional quality product that helps women look fabulous is exactly what we wanted! Check out these before and after pictures and watch me on PM Style next Monday, February 6th from 7pm-10pm or you can order your BEACHWAVER online today.

If you recognize the below model, Jamin, it’s because she was on air at the Jan. 21st appearance on QVC with me! Jamin was my college roommate while studying abroad in London and we had a blast at QVC.  It was such a great experience to prep the models, go “live” with the talented hosts, and finally get to show the world our new product, the Beachwaver!

To see how the BEACHWAVER works, follow my instructions from a sketch I made below or go to QVC.com to watch the how-to videos:










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