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Summer. Backyard BBQ’s. 4th of July fireworks. Outdoor movies. There are so many sublime moments that summer provides, so many memories that can only be set against the backdrop of a blazing hot summer day or a balmy night. There truly is something magical in the summer air. That much we know to be true! But, sometimes everything we love about summer is also everything we hate about summer. The hot weather we wait so patiently for all year brings us not only the wonderful sun, but also the dreaded humidity. The beach, the Hamptons, the Shore. They all bring us such fun, but also wreak havoc on our locks. So, much as we try to ignore it, our poor, beautiful hairstyles often fall prey to the elements. But summer is here and we want to make sure that you enjoy every last sun-drenched moment, that you are living in the now, which we know is only possible when you feel confident! So, ladies, fear not…beautiful summer hair is just a few steps away.  Sarah knows the importance of a fabulous summer hairstyle and wants to make sure you are stepping out in style this holiday weekend. Liberate yourselves from the stress of a high maintenance ‘do and try out  some of Sarah’s quick and easy looks!

Natural blow-out: As a prep for all the following looks, apply Aussie’s Mousse + Leave-In conditioner to the roots and through the ends of damp hair.  Loosely blow dry until about 80% dry.  Then polish the last 20% with a large 2″ round brush to get the perfect soft blow-out!  Watch Sarah style her hair in the video “Perfect Blowout!”

Medium to Long Hair: If You Have 2 Minutes

Give a ponytail polish with a simple twist.

Create a center part
that’s about 3 inches long.

For volume at the crown, lift that section up, spritz it with hair spray, then blast with a dryer (or, in a pinch, just tease it).

Sweep hair into a ponytail by spraying hairspray on a Mason Pearson brush and secure it with an elastic. (Tip: Look down when you make the ponytail so the back of your hair is smooth, not bumpy.) Take a piece of hair from the underside of the tail, wrap it around the base, and pin the end.

Medium to Long Hair: If You Have 5 Minutes

This bun appears a lot more complicated than it is, and it’s a great solution when your hair is looking flat.

Pull hair back into a low side ponytailjust behind your ear and secure with an elastic.

Separate a 2-inch-wide section from the ponytail and braid it.

Pull the braid aside and wind the rest of the ponytail around its base. Anchor with hairpins.

Wrap the braid around the bun and pin the ends into the underside.

Medium to Long Hair: If You Have 20 Minutes

Changing your hair’s texture dramatically transforms your look.

Apply mousse to damp hair. Blow-dry, tousling with your fingers. Make a loose center part.

Using a curling wand, wind a section of hair away from your face. The wand doesn’t have a clamp, so it creates smoother curls (no weird crimps) on long hair. Pause for 20 to 30 seconds, then gently slide hair off. Repeat all over.

Run your fingers through the ringlets to separate them into bigger waves. Spritz with hair spray to help them hold their shape.

Watch Sarah style here hair in the video “Loose Waves”

All photos by Mary Rozzi.  All hair styled by Sarah Potempa.  Originally published in REAL SIMPLE magazine.

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“Work Out, Then Go Out!”

1) Braids- Creating 2 french braids is a great way to keep layers in place while you work out and makes a soft wave when you are finished! Create a center part all the way down. Apply a small amount of Aussie’s Opposites Attract Mousse to the hair and separate into 3 small sections (one side at a time). The right section goes over the middle and then the left goes over the new middle. Continue this pattern by adding small amounts to each section (on the left and right) as it goes over the middle.

2) Remove Braids to go out-The Opposites Attract Mousse will help hold the waves from the braids in and leave it soft and touchable. After you remove the braids, you will have great texture that can be pinned loosely half up/half-down or in a cute bun!

3) Bangs- If you have bangs, braid them and bobby pin them away. This will insure that you are not bothered by constantly fixing your hair. Pull your hair back into a bun to workout. After your workout remove the bun and Apply Aussie’s Leave-In Crème and blow dry straight with a paddle brush to refresh your style, while leaving in the braided bang!

“Score the Perfect Workout Style”

1) Morning- “Perfect Ponytail” When it’s still dark out and you are rolling out of bed to work out, have a routine with your hair that will energize you. Spray Aussie’s Leave-In Conditioner and brush hair into a neat high ponytail. The scent of tangerines and ripe melons will inspire you to start your day right by working out.

2) Mid-day- “Head Band and a Bun” If the only time you have to get to the gym is in the middle of your busy day, there is a way to protect your already styled hair! In the morning when styling your hair, use Aussie’s Opposites Attract Hairspray on each section before you curl or flat iron. This spray was specifically formulated to remain soft and touchable and give a strong hold, even to last through a tough workout! Then to preserve your curls, wear a “Stay-Put” headband and a loose bun with large bobby pins to avoid leaving a mark.

3) Evening- “Braids” Experimenting with braids and different styles will allow you to save time and even be able to go right out after working out! See the styles above.

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Photographers: Claudia Knoepal & Stefan Indelkofer

Model: Anja Rubik

French Braids, or plaits, add texture and style to any look.  Here we see a couple braids that can be incorporated into an everyday look:

1) The low-side long braid-  Start by applying Aussie’s Mousse + Leave-In Conditioner to the roots and loosely blow dry up.  Then bring all the hair to one side (and add extension to entend the length).  Secure with a small elastic.

2) The messy 5-strand braid and high bun-  Whether it’s a traditional 3-strand, a simple 2-strand, or in this shot a 5-strand braid, they all follow the same structure; left over right, then right over left.  I love the way they combined the hairline braid with a messy loose high bun.

3) High Bun Braid-  Apply Aussie’s Aussome Volume Spray Gel to roots and blow dry up to get volume.  Then secure a loose ponytail with a band and braid the ponytail and wrap, securing with a large 2″ bobby pin.

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