Power Paddle Brush

Power Paddle Brush

This brush is perfect for every day and every hair type!  The statement on this brush reminds us why we (and our hair) are beautiful!

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  • You are Incredible. Powerful. Beautiful.  This "Power" Paddle Brush is a daily reminder of how amazing you are and how great your hair can look!  From the empowering words to the oversized paddle, this brush will work through even the most difficult kinks.  The tips of the bristles also give an invigorating scalp massage to start your day off right!
    • Try this brush for its intense, thick bristles.
    • Use it in the shower to untangle large knots and smooth out conditioner.
    • Great for every day detangling. Or nighttime brushing.
    • It is strong enough for thick, curly locks and gentle enough for fine hair.
    • The "Power" Paddle Brush's bristles are strong, thick nylon with rubberized massage balled tips.
    • Using this brush will keep your hair beautiful, shiny and healthy!
    • With the empowering message, this unique brush reminds us that we are all amazing, gorgeous and capable of phenomenal happiness!


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