Puerto Rico

I just got back from an amazing trip to Puerto Rico!! These are the moments that I am so thankful for having such a cool job that takes me around the world to exotic locations and with really cool people.  These girls are the Jets Flight Crew! They are the hardest working most positive group of girls I have ever met.  The photographer Daisy Johnson, along with her creative director (and sister) Jaime Johnson led us through the islands, beaches, and boats of Puerto Rico and I loved every moment of it!  I also had my amazing assistant Neil Grupp who entertained us every step of the way.  Check out the photos, out-takes and all of our tools being used on the set!  From the “On Set” Styling Brush to the Beachwaver (of course!) to the wrap up they were all there!  And do you see that mini “touch up” iron?  That saved us!! We were traveling to Vieques without power on set..we found a car charger outlet and the mini worked a miracle…adding the perfect final touches for the cover shot!