New Tumblr!

There’s a new team in town… they’re called “SARAH’S STYLE SPOTTERS” and they are looking for the Best Tressed ladies and gents all across New York City! Every Wednesday, they will be around the city in search of awesome hairstyles and to snap pictures of them! So if you live nearby, check my facebook page for updates and details– because you could end up on my blog!

In honor of BTW (Best Tressed Wednesdays), I’ve decided to launch a new tumblr to showcase the fabulous city people we will meet! My team has already been out once, so our first episode will already be on the tumblr! There will be lots of pictures that I hope you guys can use as inspiration. Check it out: www.sarahpotempa.tumblr.com

Just some highlights:






































Photographer: Grace Rabon