Quick and easy DIY steps:

1.     To wear this look at home, adding height to the roots can be the perfect way to dress up your hair when wearing it in a high bun.  First add Aussie’s Opposites Attract Mousse to the roots of the hair and blow dry upward.

2.     Then go through section by section on the top and back comb (TIP: Always comb in and down to avoid messy knots), spraying the underside with Aussie’s Sprunch Spray to lock in the volume.

3.     Loosely pull the hair up, following the line of the jaw for the right height, and secure with a ponytail holder.  Be creative with the style of the bun by braiding, knotting or wrapping pieces around and pinning with bobby pins.

4.     To finish the look, add a detailed headband.


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