Beachwaver Questions Answered

Straight from Sarah and Anna ☺

1) What hair types can the Beachwaver be used on?
The Beachwaver can be used on all hair types! The digital temperature clock can be set anywhere from 310 F~ 450 F. It is best to create waves on curly hair that has been blown out and works really well on wavy to straight hair in its natural state.

2) What temperature should I set my Beachwaver to?
The Beachwaver has a digital temperature clock that you can control. Sarah always recommends adjusting the temperature to fit your hair needs. Follow the chart for a general guideline:
Fine or damaged hair: 310° F ~ 350° F
Medium or normal hair: 350° F ~ 400° F
Thick or coarse hair: 400 F° ~ 450° F

3) Why aren’t the (+/-) buttons working?
They are! There is actually a button locking system. After 5 seconds, the temperature adjusting (+/-) buttons will be locked. To adjust the temperature again, press the power button for 0.5 seconds to unlock.

4) What does “Start with the clamp facing me” mean?
In order to get gorgeous waves that go spin from your face, and not “banana curls” the hair must be clamped in a specific direction. See the pictures below!

On Anna’s RIGHT Side, the clamp should face towards her face:






On Anna’s LEFT side, the clamp should also face towards her face:






5) Why am I getting a kink at the end where I clamp my hair down?
Sarah designed the clamp to avoid kinks when curling, so follow the photos above and make sure you are placing the hair in the clamp when it is facing towards you. And remember to hold the iron vertically, which will make it easier to clamp your hair!

6) I can’t find the “GO” button after I have clamped it…is there a method I can use to make it easier?
Before you clamp your hair, tap the “GO” button so that the clamp is directly above the “GO” button. This will make it super simple to find the “GO” button with every curl.






7) What does the “L” and “R” mean?
“L” should be selected when you are curling YOUR left side of hair- not the mirror’s left side! Select “R” when curling your right side.

8) Can I get different curls with the Beachwaver?
Yes! There are many different ways to use the Beachwaver once you become a pro. At fashion week, Sarah loves to use the Beachwaver to create Veronica Lake inspired “Old Hollywood” waves. Check out her blog for “how-to’s”! The Beachwaver can be used to create looser curls or tighter curls depending on the size of your hair sections.

9) At which angle should I hold the Beachwaver?
To get gorgeous waves, always hold the Beachwaver in the vertical position. There is no need to turn your wrist or the iron because the rotational device does all of the work for you!

10) Will the Beachwaver damage my hair?
The Beachwaver has customized heaters with a protective ceramic rod. Sarah designed the Beachwaver to turn to the maximum professional heat of 450°F, but that is not the temperature for everybody! Follow her guidelines shown above to protect your hair!

11) How do I curl the back of my hair?
Separate your hair down the middle in the back and bring all of it forward. When you treat all of your hair as a “left” and “right” side, there is no back…heehee!

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